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We started Joughnuts Doughnuts so that we could do what we love (making delicious vegan goodies) while also being able to help others in return. In other words, we make dough -pun intended- so that we can share it!

To #sharethedough, we donate a portion of all of our sales each month to two different charities/organizations - one for animal causes and one for people in need.


When you enjoy a box of Joughnuts Doughnuts during the month of May, you are also helping to support the following charities, organizations, animal rescues, and/or animal sanctuaries:

Cedar Row.jpg

We would not be able to #sharethedough without your support.

Thank you


Joughnuts Doughnuts is proud to support
GLO Farm Sanctuary & Pugalug Pug Rescue all year round!

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