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Our story begins on a couch, nestled in a cozy corner of the GTA. On this couch sat four hungry friends and their two pugs, Winston and Shelby. Their eyes glazed over as the credits scrolled across the screen ahead, closing out the 6th consecutive episode of Gilmore Girls. Netflix politely (but rather tauntingly) questioned: “are you still there?”...but Jon, Mel, Justin and Andrea were not there. They were instead deep in some kind of otherworldly dream state, their minds composing the most taste-bud-tingling concoctions.


Jon dreamt of a doughnut so pillowy soft, that your tongue felt like it had landed upon the sugary clouds of heaven.


Justin imagined infusions so temptingly innovative, that foodies from across the land would brave the 401 during rush hour to marvel in the flavours.


Andrea sat contemplating how to make such an a-glazing confectionary using only clean, hole-some ingredients that would make your momma proud.


Mel and her love of animals big and small, wished for ingredients that were completely vegan and free from harm. “No animals should ever be harmed to create delicious food!", she thought. 


Snapped back to reality by the return of Lorelei Gilmore, the four friends leapt off their seats, tears and drool streaming down their faces, and chanted in unison: “DO OR DOUGHNUT, THERE IS NO TRY”! Their pugs, visibly confused but otherwise supportive, barked in agreement.


After countless hours spent in the kitchen, testing, re-testing, then triple-testing various ingredients, flavour combinations, and densities...finger-licking perfection was achieved, and JOUGHNUTS DOUGHNUTS was born.


At Joughnuts Doughnuts we specialize in creating the most tantalizingly decadent, completely vegan doughnuts in an array of mouth-watering flavours.


These are vegan? Jo’ gotta be kidding me! Well, we kid you not. Our team is committed to using clean, vegan ingredients that are kind to animals and downright nourishing to your soul. 


Our friends and family loved our handcrafted premium doughnuts so much that we wanted to share them with you. Treat the people you love most in your life to hole-some soul food that you can feel good about.


As a small, family and friend-run business, we love connecting with our customers and providing the best customer service we can. We’re also a daring, innovative bunch; throw your suggestions our way, and we guarantee that you’ll go nuts for our doughnuts. 


Go on, try a box...or maybe two. Doughnut worry, we won't judge.

Teamwork makes the dream work 

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